I have, indirectly, via passive aggressive comments of displeasure, picked up on the possibility that something has been hinted about Cas and Hannah’s relationship potentially involving a romantic aspect of some kind…


I don’t want a romance between them.

I don’t even want one-sided, vaguely hero-worshipping, unrequited feelings of an unspecified but seemingly romantic nature on Hannah’s side - because we’ve had that kind of thing with almost every angel Cas has been friendly with so far (even Bart had an element of that!).

What I really want is for Hannah to break the mould and see Cas for who he is (thus lose the element of hero-worship that has led other angels to put Cas on an unrealistic pedestal - gosh that’s an all round theme of the show huh, everyone’s doing it!) and be a friend to him.

And him to her.

I want them to support each other and help each other, to be someone outside the insular friendship/family group they both belong to who they can chill with, or who can provide outside perspectives and advice. That kind of thing.

People sometimes complain that shippers don’t care enough about friendship because we want everything to be a romance - not true. Speaking for myself, anyway, I care a lot about friendship being represented in fiction. What I want to see are friendships that fiction (at least film/TV fiction) often neglects get more screen time - friendships between women, and friendships between men and women. Which is part of why I want a friendship that is ‘unsullied’ if you will by romantic undercurrents between Cas and Hannah (since, IMO, spn!angels are and always have been v. much gendered, making this a clear male and female relationship - regardless of how that might be counter to traditional angel lore).

But the world is not atune to my ideals, alas. And spn less so. So, tbh, I was ~expecting an element of underlying potential romance between Cas and Hannah, should Hannah stick around. I felt like the way their relationship progressed last season could be used as groundwork for some kind of romantic-y thing.

Ergo, my stance on the possibility of romantic elements to Cas and Hannah is mostly -

Omg Hannah is definitely going to be in next season?! Ftw!


And I can handle vague hints at romance between them, because I am 100% convinced that the endgame of any such romance will be a mirror of Dean/Lisa or Sam/Amelia - the point being that they are not right for each other and/or that they don’t truly love each other just the idea of each other or the idea of the two of them together or idealised concepts of each other, that kind of thing. Meaning the end of any such Cas/Hannah plot will serve to reinforce that Cas (loves Dean) wants to (hunt) live on earth (with Dean and Sam), while Hannah wants to remain part of Heaven, and even if any fond/romantic feelings they have for each other are genuine they will not be strong enough to have them work out a compromise in order to stay together, proving their lives/characters as not compatible.

…I could even enjoy a plot like that to be honest. It might not be my first choice for a meal, but if my choice is off the menu then the above is still a tasty option for me. There’s nothing I’m allergic too in the dish and while it’s one I’ve tasted many times before and am perhaps getting a little bored of, well, there is also a comfort in the familiarity of the flavours as they are tried and tested ones I do know I like at least. Indeed, I would find it pleasant to see Cas in a soft, caring relationship with anyone, even if that relationship is a failed romance, because I feel like it would be nice for him to have that experience and Cas/other has never bothered me (plus, it might add to the general theme of breaking down the binary either/or, all/nothing, in/out that the show seems to have been moving towards - the idea that you can try something for a while and if it doesn’t work out you can stop and try something else, instead of feeling like you have to commit to one single role forever, you know?).

Conclusion - a romantic element to Cas and Hannah isn’t the end of the whole FOR ME.

I DO, however, understand if others are feeling angry/disappointed at the idea and feeling like it’s a ‘no homo’ or pushing the idea of Cas liking women (or even that he is heterosexual) - those are legitimate concerns I think. Because it would be continuing the trend of m/f romance being explicit, while Cas’ feelings for Dean remain subtextual. And just because I can enjoy that kind of storytelling doesn’t make it fair.

(Oh I think some people are also worried about implications of incest?? But… I don’t how to help there, because I have simply never considered the ‘brother’ and ‘sister’ titles between angels to be literal, but rather honorific. Except, perhaps, between the archangels… But even then I tend to not consider them blood relations… So, uh, it’s just not an issue for me. Sorry!)


Guys guys - I’ve been scrolling past promo spoilers, but I just saw a gif and it’s AMAZING and I’m quietly freaking out. Tell me tell if it’s true that we are gonna see Cas in bed, covers scrunched up about him and not covering him completely, while he glances at a ringing phone - tell me guys, just a yes or no, is what I saw really Cas?? Is it really gonna happen? Him out of the trenchcoat, being all human and VULNERABLE?? because fuck me I feel like THAT ALONE makes season ten worthwhile!!

Oh Steven

I was hoping you’d desist in making Clara Mary-Sue-like integral to the Doctor’s life/identity via inserting her into his past.

That said, I really enjoyed the way the time looping stuff worked out in this one and it was very exciting getting a glimpse of the Doctor’s childhood.

So I liked the ep.

And it was about Clara getting to grips with herself, her individual personality, and looking to do things for herself and stuff with all the bits surrounding her date. Or so it felt to me anyway.

But pls stop with trying to make Clara seemingly uber important to the Doctor via artificial means like this. I disliked the way Rose was made special to the Doctor, but even I have to admit that her specialness fit the story in the sense of developing naturally from the characters’ situations, both emotional and circumstantial. What’s happening with Clara is just… shoehorning her into the Doctor’s story/life. I don’t object to that kind of thing on principle or anything - but you’ve DONE IT now. You did it with Clara jumping into the time vortex thing and becoming an element of all the Doctor’s lives. You did it with River jumping in and out of the Doctor’s timeline and the two of them forced by the concept of time (and brainwashing) to be part of each other’s lives.

Look, I really really LIKE time loops and watching events fit together and ‘past’ happenings made sense of by ‘future’ events and all that (my fav oldschool ep is Mawdryn Undead which does a similar thing - although imperfectly there’s a small fuck up where things don’t align). But you can’t use that plot ALL THE TIME. It screws up character growth, because there ends up being too much ‘predestination’ involved…

I don’t know if that whine made sense, but yeah, anyway…

As I say, still liked the ep though. And more liking of Clara this week. I think I’m getting more of a feel for who she is now. Really like her discomfort with the tardis - that’s fresh and fun :)




I was just talking to Sarah about the problem with the S10 promo and the PR surrounding s10 thus far and demon!dean.

All we’ve heard from TBTP is that demon!dean is just Dean without the emotional baggage, and he’s cutting loose…


I was just talking to Sarah about the problem with the S10 promo and the PR surrounding s10 thus far and demon!dean.

All we’ve heard from TBTP is that demon!dean is just Dean without the emotional baggage, and he’s cutting loose and having a good time. Then they show him…

Yes and no, for me. Cos see, a Dean ‘cutting loose’ and doing unsavory stuff. Doing base, primal, whatever-i-want-when-i-want-with-no-consideration-to-others, that also IS a guilt-free and lacking emotional baggage Dean, if you follow?

The same way Crowley is guilt free. Or Azazel was. Or Abaddon.

Or soulless!Sam was.

But I agree that the point isn’t that he’s DEAN only more free. The point is he isn’t Dean. Not really. Not a whole Dean. Though some elements will be part of Dean, I think. Aspects of himself he’s always repressed or kept in check. Like soulless! Sam had elements of the real Sam.

When Dean comes back to himself, I think he will feel terrible shame for how he acted and some of the things he felt as a demon. But I think also that he will MISS one element of demon hood at least, which is THE FREEDOM of it. The lack of guilt (although I think guilt/shame will start to creep in after a while tbh, that Dean will find he has retained some conscience) and emotional baggage - just like he came to miss the ‘purity’ of the primal horror/violence that was purgatory.

Being good is hard in comparison to being evil/violent/uncaring after all.


10.05 aka 200th episode pre-coda (?? is that the term I don’t know) fic. The purifying human blood putting demon!Dean on hold by 10.05 bit is from a spec that’s been going around, of which the source I’m pretty sure originated from crossroadstiel. Let me know if that’s not the case though!! 

The light dims, and Sam’s grip on Dean’s arm tightens. Stay put, is the message he’s going for, but the newly demon Dean only rolls his eyes in exasperation, as if tightening his measly human grip is going to hold a Mark of Cain-ed demon down, even with the purifying human blood acting as an agent. 

Sam watches the play with some sort of weird detachment to the whole thing. They’re telling his story—their story—but he can’t seem to focus at the pure irony of it all. It’s the feeling equivalent to having a dirty sock shoved in the face—hey, look at all the things you did in the past to save the world and look what you came out with. A demon as your brother, a wayward angel and the few dead friends on the side.

Vexing, he might call it. Exhausting, is another good word for it. 

The light from the stage flickers with what sounds like an mp3 recording of a thunderstorm plays in the background. Sam blinks and pays attention, huffing when he recognizes which scene it is. He’s heard the excerpt from Dean and a little from Bobby when they’d first met Cas, but he’s never read the book where it’d happened—too weird, too personal, too private for him, he thought. Like telescoping into his brother’s brain.

He was scary as fuck, man, Dean had said. A giant, scary dickbag.

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Yarnyfan -

I can’t tag asks on the app, so I’m replying like this instead sorry!

Whoa, that was rather more spoilers than I was expecting…

All girl’s play? …idk if I like the sound of that, seems risky… Like it could end up being mocking of the predominantly female fan base, you know? Portraying them/us as crazy/emotional/delusional fangirls… I’m personally totally cool with Becky, cos it’s always seemed to me she is ONE specific type of fan, NOT a representative of the spin fandom as a whole. But a girls’ school… That is more likely to come across as a representation of all fans together (esp. with the ep being described as a ‘love letter to the fans’ and all…)

On the other hand, could be totally fine and also fun! There’s really no way to tell until it airs.

(That listing of the Golem actor sounds like a falsehood of imdb to me though - I don’t see a place for him without Adam… Unless the actor is playing a different role of course… Hmmm…)

(Need to stop thinking about this, it’s making me nervous!)

FUCK what if the play version of Cas is A WOMAN?!



And her and play!dean have a ~thing…

Is that possible?

Would that be terrible or kind of amazing??

(I need sleep, this is veering into night blogger territory…)

it… it might be amazing? in that they would essentially be cementing in the fact that had Castiel been in a…