When asked whether he thinks that this journey and his sympathy for humans could result in Castiel becoming human again, Collins replied “No, no, I don’t think he has any designs on becoming human. That’s not him. His core being is an angel, he knows that.” Misha Collins on Castiel (via laoih)
Misha says Cas is an angel at his core and doesn't want to be human in that article. I'm a little worried how that fits into endgame if Cas stays an angel.



Well I mean Misha wouldn’t know where Cas is headed way down the line anymore than we do. If you had asked Jensen mid-season 9 if Dean were going to become a demon I’m pretty certain he would have said no and well…

That being said whether Cas chooses to live graceless or fully powered up in the end, he’ll always be an angel, but that doesn’t mean he can’t remain on Earth. Since last season we have seen many angels who chose to remain on Earth and live amongst humanity. This is why I have no preference either way right now in terms of whether or not Cas is “human” or an angel at the end of the series… he is an angel at his core, but that doesn’t mean he’s not an angel who loves and has been forever changed by humanity.

As a non shipper I agree with Holly here. 

Cas is an angel who loves (you decide what kind of love, but he loves) and has been changed forever by humanity. 

I think that Cas will choose humanity, rather if it will be on earth, or as an angel guarding humanity. This whole journey he has gone through is huge and meaningful. 

What you’re seeing [in the first few episodes] is the first part of Castiel’s journey [and] that’s going to spin him into something even more personal,” Carver teased. When Carver says personal, he means personal, as we now know that someone from Castiel’s past will resurface in a future episode: Claire Novak, the daughter of Castiel’s vessel. “That’s part of a journey where Castiel feels compelled to rectify some of the wrongs that he has committed in the last 7 years,” Collins explained. “He feels like he’s done harm to a lot of people and beings and wants to do his best to make things right. So that’s really, I think, largely his journey this season.” In fact, it’s his current road trip with Hannah that will eventually lead to this future story arc, according to Collins: “Cas’ interactions with Hannah are ultimately what propels him to reunite with Claire Novak and to start really exploring righting his past wrongs. So it’s a very important relationship in Cas’ overall trajectory. Jeremy Carver & Misha Collins about Castiel’s journey (via yaelstiel)

about Cas and demon!Dean’s meeting -

I’m still crossing my fingers for something like this :p

but another big idea is that Cas might ‘get through’ to Dean somehow - like, soothing the savage beast, making Dean hesitate in his demon rage, that kind of thing.

this would be GREAT from a deancas POV, obvs, with a nice mirror to Cain/Collette (…huh, interesting we now have a ‘Cole’…what’s with all the names beginning with ‘C’?)

…however, I don’t think that’s likely to happen, tbh. PERHAPS LATER in the season. But it seems unlikely to me that the show would have Sam so very clearly FAIL to break through to Dean on an emotional level, but then have Cas succeed immediately after. I think it risks coming across as favouring the bond Dean has with Cas over the bond he has with Sam… which I don’t think TPTB would risk…

We’ll see though… might be a good way of showcasing how unhealthy Dean and Sam’s bond has become and stuff… idk…

Castiel will finally interact with Dean’s demonic side in this week’s outing. “It’s a pretty strenuous meeting,” Ackles previews. “Dean is still not quite Dean, and Cas is having to, unfortunately, use some powers he would rather not have to use against Dean.”

Even though the angel is facing his own problems and is low on grace, “Castiel is hellbent on ridding Dean of his demon and willing to do anything, no holds barred, to make sure he’s no longer a demon,” Misha Collins says, adding that their face-to-face is “a little touchy.”


of course I’d read “Castiel is hellbent on riding Dean” by accident

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He can be both :D

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To me, Riechenback in the Holmes story symbolized a conscious falling, a choice to fall, experience a type of death, if you will, either real or other and come back as a new creature or new experience. I think it fits perfectly with spn, Dean making his choice, what he is, wants to be, as does Sam and Cas, Sam going dark side and Cas and dying. I'm kind of sad that Dean won't be demon for long.

also, I really wish the ask box would let folks type more, lol.

Re: your wish - you can always submit instead of asking, the submit option lets you write more and I’m always happy for that :)

Re: episode title - THANK YOU that makes so much sense OF COURSE. Holmes committed to ‘dying’ at Reichenbach, likewise Dean has committed to ‘dying’ via committing to being a demon (much like Holmes ‘death’ it is a death that is not death). Likewise Cas has committed to dying, though like Holmes he doesn’t truly want to die, and with that in mind the title now strikes me as foreshadowing of Cas FALLING as in becoming human (which would be another death that is not death). And yes, Sam has ‘fallen’ in the sense of ‘fallen from grace,’ begun committing extreme and dark acts to find and save his brother (another death that is not death, as the Sam that was has metaphorically ‘died’ and been replaced by a ruthless Sam).


I knew it would make sense, I was just too tired to see it.


It’s just so rare for Cas to show overt emotion, emotion that someone standing far away can see. Most of the time when he does have strong feeling, it is only subtly expressed (which is why some people seem to think he is emotionless). But with his fading grace, with his acceptance that yes, Dean does mean more to him than as just another piece of humanity, he is starting to show these emotions more. The fading grace is no longer damping these feelings down. As he’s feeling more, as he’s becoming more human - even as he’s dying - he’s becoming more open with showing those feelings.

Last week it was I miss him. This week it’s physically forcing himself to hold back those feelings, to just keep going. Because it’s Dean, and he needs to help him.



Sleeping At Last - North (x)

The other day, after watching Reichenbach, I went looking for meta post on tumblr and I run up against this beautiful piece by crossroadscastiel. Needless to say I got inspired.

Crowley was pulling Dean toward Hell as Hannah was pulling Cas toward Heaven, probably certain that once Cas had grace again he would return to Heaven with her where she believes they belong. It’s all in or all out, and there’s no middle ground in their eyes. At the same time, Crowley expects Dean to reject humanity completely and accept he’s a demon who needs to kill to live.

If Dean and Cas are currently walking down the same road, only from completely opposite ends, it would stand to reason that, at some point, they will meet in the middle.

This is fantastic!