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Okay, so we don’t know who this mysterious Cole is, except that he was a kid in season 1 yet is hunting Dean down now for something that happened way back when. I think I’ve found a great thematic backstory for him that I think would work amazingly with the current…

This is a great bit of speculation here! I hope you don’t mind if I add a twist to it: What if Cole represents the version of Sam and/or Dean who was raised by loving people who didn’t become obsessed with revenge? So he’s like a doppelganger to them.
So, either he had a mother who raised him and moved on after her husband’s death, or a Bobby-like uncle who gave him a stable home. But Cole was the one who still wants revenge or even just answers. Perhaps he even has a younger brother who has just left for college with the family’s blessing and is now free to pursue Dean on his own? Or he’s the younger brother and went into the military or some other form of training that gives him the extraordinary hunting skills he has now.

UGH I want any or all of this!

I like the idea of Cole being a mirror to Sam and Dean (because yay mirrors/parallels!) - parent killed by a ‘demon,’ sets off on a life of revenge or at least tracking the demon down, OR maybe, like Dean, he wasn’t actually interested in revenge, but another family member was - estranged wife of Cole’s dad maybe? Mirroring Dean and John. Only unlike John, Cole’s mother didn’t take her child with her on her quest but left Cole in a stable home, like larinah suggests. Then during her hunt she gets killed, and that’s what drags Cole into the whole thing?

You know what I think would ALSO be cool? If Cole doesn’t know what Dean looks like. He just knows Dean’s name. And when he runs into demon!Dean, at first he doesn’t realise this is his father’s killer. And they end up working together tracking down another demon or something, Cole thinking Dean is a kinda scary but decent guy helping him out. AND THEN he learns that this guy he’s been working with and started to develop something of a friendship with is his father’s killer, and faces a dilemma - now he KNOWS Dean does he still want to kill him? (or demon!Dean could cotton on to how Cole is trying to track down ‘Dean Winchester’ and LIE to him about who he is, pretend some other demon is this ‘Dean’ and offer to help Cole kill him, and during the deception Dean comes to respect and like Cole and genuinely doesn’t want him to learn the truth about who he is because he doesn’t want to lose a friend… maybe maybe demon!Dean could tell Cole CROWLEY is ‘Dean’ and use Cole to try and kill Crowley? :p …nah though, demon!Dean wouldn’t need help to do that, so that doesn’t really make sense, oh well!)

Cole excites me, anyways :)

I think just when it seems like things might be starting to settle down, we will introduce a few new doosies to the world.

Jeremy Carver on what lies ahead for Dean once he is healed from being a demon (x)


Alright, this is really not a new spoiler at all… I just keep coming back to this info, because to me this screams for the possibility that whatever Sam and/or Cas do/try to cure Dean will only be temporary and a sort of “quick fix”-solution that is not meant to last, because it only puts a band aid on a wound that is still raw and just covers the true problem, which only continues to fester underneath and will continue to do so if it isn’t properly dealt with once and for all. I very much could imagine them going a similar route as they went with Sam’s wall and how it was never completely secure and ~meant to break sooner or later (talked about that before here briefly). I think around the time the mid season finale rolls around Dean will ~relapse, become a demon again (either because he dies and turns again or because of some other trigger that lies within himself) and might be worse than ever before or the MoC is coming into play in a much wider sense that is weighing on and influencing Dean.

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This is SO COOL in so many ways.

Because on the one hand… this is Dean finally breaking away from being who John wanted him to be, caring less about the things John cared about… what is the Impala being representative of John and all…

…but the Impala is also an extension of Dean as a separate entity from John at this point, so this is an outward show of Dean’s ‘dirtied’ or tarnished soul, which as a demon he is no longer interested in taking care of…

Many symbolism. Much cool!

Stuff like this E! spoiler article is the reason I worry about cole. “his relationship with Dean could change things” and “the character of Cole is someone who will evolve from how we see him to something very different once he finally does come face-to-face with Dean.” Like… what? It’s the cw and given the no-homo climate on the show lately, I’m doubting an ex, but.. what? Son? Friend? Interloper designed to take time away from TFW interaction, which I desperately crave after season nein?

This is just my feeling of course, so don’t think I’m trying to dismiss or belittle your concerns, but I don’t think there’s anything to be worried about here tbh x

An ex would be FANTASTIC imo (explicit bi!Dean ftw!), but like you say - unlikely, since the cw, at least as far as spn is concerned, seems to me to be steering clear of anything explicitly LGBTQ+ related.

Something to remember is that spoiler articles are all about sensationalism - so the ‘could change things’ is fairly meaningless I’d say. It’s the kind of line you throw out when you don’t actually know anything :p After all, Dean being a demon ‘could change things,’ or Cas’ grace burning out could, or Donna and Jody working together or demon!dean singing karaoke - what ‘things’? what ‘change’? Who knows! But these unspecific things could bring change in unspecific ways, you know? :p So it covers many sins, from big stuff to crazy minor stuff, like Dean widening his taste in music or changing his hairstyle because of Cole or something!

Currently I like the theory that Cole is someone from Dean’s past who witnessed Dean killing one of his family members, unaware that they had been turned into a monster or possessed by a demon or whatever. That’ll explore issues of when it’s fair to kill someone touched by the supernatural and when the right/better course is to help them and stuff (as I touch on in the link). I feel like that’s LIKELY, actually, since it will parallel with TFW’s predicament - should Sam and Cas kill Dean or try and save him, are they giving him special treatment by not killing him because they are emotionally attached to him etc. - and spn is BIG on parallels.

About the possibility of Cole taking away from TFW interaction though - I doubt he could in any significant way, is my belief. Since right now I suspect Cole is more likely to be antagonistic towards Dean, that would mean TFW would all stand against him and as a common enemy he could ultimate help unite them even. But, I think even if Dean and Cole for whatever reason end up having a friendly relationship, it would be maybe something like Dean and Benny’s and ultimately reinforce Dean’s relationship with Sam (and Cas), with Dean realising that when it comes down to it it’s Sam and Cas he cares for most or something.

Overall, I don’t imagine Cole will stick around v. long, and I don’t imagine he will get in the way of TFW.

Although, tbh - Sam, Cas and Dean having outside relationships and interactions can only, imo, be BENEFICIAL for the development of TFW as a unit. Each of them having relationships OUTSIDE of each other will help break the claustrophobic/unhealthy/toxic intensity of their relationships and allow them to ultimately be easier and closer and more understanding with each other.

I want more TFW interaction too, but I want it to be SATISFYING and CATHARTIC - so if Dean interacting some with new people like Cole first helps to build up to more emotionally satisfying interactions with him and Sam and him and Cas later, then it’s all good for me (I want Cas to gain more friends/associates beyond Dean and Sam for the same reason, and am in fact hoping he will have a nice amount of friendly interaction with Hannah next season, but we’ll see, since I’m also unsure if she will even be IN next season!).

This probably didn’t help much I’m sorry xxx But I suspect we want and like slightly different things when it comes to spn, so I don’t know if I’m the right person to be speaking to hon x See, ‘season nein’ is a term I would never ever ever use for S09 because I rather loved S09 on the whole, and the TFW interaction was pretty satisfying for me throughout as well, so I don’t feel starved for it or anything rn myself (though I DO think there should be MORE significant TFW interactions next season, as it seems logical to me that the narrative should start bringing the three of them slowly closer together now).

It was v.sweet of you to bring your worries to my inbox though xx If you take away nothing else from this ramble of a reply - remember about spoiler article being SENSATIONAL. Because while the rest is my conjecture, that’s just always true. So you should always always be critical of spoiler wording and that it’s usually trying to imply more than the facts say (‘could change things’ is also conjecture, for example - that of the E! article’s author, perhaps).



Jensen on the tragic side of Demon!Dean (x)

You know, I really love that we’ll see this side of Demon!Dean as well. The tragic and sad part about his transformation and not just the scary part, because in the end, that’s what this character is most about - he is a product of a string of tragic and sad events. I mean, I love that Dean finally does what he wants without caring what others think, but at what expense? This characters is about showing how all of these things Demon!Dean does - being carefree, enjoying himself, etc. - are things Human!Dean could have embraced the very same way. And not alone, but with his friends. The tragic part is not Dean being violent and scary but that there is seemingly nothing left of who he used to be and who he is at his core, that he simply doesn’t care anymore and is running towards the edge of the cliff with arms wide open…



I’m sure this won’t actually be cute and adorable in context, but I think this description is beautiful. Dean is so evil that he cackles and sings karaoke louder!

whitmerule replied to your post: Haha, this is what I wake up to in my…

Well, there’s nothing in it really that we don’t know. Unless demon!Dean is a surprise. It’s fairly obvious that he and this other character would have a confrontation at some point, and that’s all we see - we don’t even see its outcome.

Our views on what constitutes a spoiler clearly differ :p For me it’s not just learning stuff we don’t know that’s an issue, it’s simply SEEING STUFF before the episode it is in airs, and thus losing the impact of seeing it fresh for the first time in context ie. the scene/moment in the episode is ‘spoiled,’ as in ‘made less good,’ because you’ve already seen it (I tend to avoid sneak peeks and promos during seasons as well, to avoid being spoiled for scenes/moments in that way).

Hell, there was a time I didn’t even like to know which specific characters were gonna be in specific episodes, because I felt that spoiled the surprise/impact of their appearance!

My time on tumblr has already dramatically chipped away at what was initially a really REALLY rigid and kept to personal spoiler policy - so sometimes, like now, this dawns on me and I freak out.

It’s very boring - I’m sorry to subject you all to my ridiculous um-ing and ah-ing!

This is the struggle I accepted when I got involved in meta - the constant trying to balance how badly I want to discuss/predict the story and how badly I want to wait and watch and be surprised by it :p

(ps. thank you kindly for being so careful in your description, I appreciate it x however, as it happens I do know the confrontation is between Dean and SAM in the bunker :p I’ve been completely unable to avoid the gif of the moment where Sam is holding Ruby’s knife to Dean’s throat and Dean’s eyes fade from black to normal - I have yet to look at it properly cos I scroll down fast whenever I catch a glimpse of it… but the glimpses I’ve seen look pretty damn awesome gotta say!)

Carver also teased that there would be some returning characters — one episode will team Sheriff Mills with Sheriff Donna Hanscum from the episode “The Purge,” and the show will be doing its own version of The Heat.

Supernatural Shows Us Dean’s Demonic Rampage, And It’s Awesome



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I have a theory about how Cole might fit in. SPN loves to do parallels with it's side characters to mirror the main story. I think Cole could be the brother of a person who Dean killed who had become a demon. Cole won't know what his sister/brother had become and we will get the dilema, was it right to kill the vessel to stop the demon before it killed? Then the same story plays out for Sam re Dean. Either that or Cole will be a mirror to Dean himself but i'm not sure how. Thoughts?


Yes. Cole will just think Dean is the murderer of his sibling, hence the tracking him down, and it will, as you say, raise the issue of how with anyone else Sam would just kill the demon along with the vessel, but is making an exception because it’s his brother - which will in general be a wonderful highlight of how casual the boys have become about killing vessels along with their possessors.

There could also be hilarious discussion with Cole about how actually Dean is a good person… well, he’s not acting like one NOW, right now he’s acting like the murderer Cole will have thought of him all his life, but USUALLY he’s a good guy, and idk, I just think that’ll be fun, because, you know, how is Cole supposed to believe that? Demon!Dean will fit perfectly with the image of real!Dean from his childhood!

This is wonderful. Yes. I’m rolling with this until we hear otherwise!

(sucker for a good parallel :p)


Oh my goodness, wait, can we please talk about this:

Cas still obviously cares about Dean very much, because he’s basically…his primary mission is to get Dean cured of being a demon, or fixing him. But at the same time, Cas is determined not to let a demon Dean roam the Earth. So if it comes to it, Cas is willing to kill demon Dean if human Dean can’t be rescued. (x)

And the major arc/ending of Buffy, Season 2, wherein Buffy must accept the man she loves is gone, a demon walks in his place and ultimately, she must kill him?


Of course, if Cas ends up having to kill Dean just as Dean regains his humanity, in order to close the gates of Hell, I will sob wildly, for years. Years.

it's written somewhere that Cole "witnessed something back in season 1 when he was ten years old" so I highly doubt Cole was a fling lol

Oooh, new Cole info!

He was in the background of some hunt then? (no… there’s also the fact that he’s not connected to the supernatural… hmmm… curiouser and curiouser… cos if he witnessed something in S01 that perhaps has led him to be tracking Dean down now, what could it be EXCEPT Dean killing a monster or something and now he needs Dean’s help with a similar problem… oh oh unless he witnessed Dean killing what he thought was a MAN/WOMAN, perhaps a family member or friend, and he’s tracking Dean down for revenge??)