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crack theory!


jumping off the thoughts here about how Crowley might be manipulating Dean in order to possibly prevent the reversal of Metatron’s spell (for reasons unknown) -

do we think that, if the casting out of the angels involved (theoretically) the grace of an angel in love with a human (ie. Cas’ grace, due to him being in love with Dean), that it’s possible that in order to restore the angels to Heaven a complimentary ‘love’ ingredient is required, such as the blood of a human who returns the love of said angel?

and thus Crowley, having read the translation of Metatron’s spell, has cottoned on to the fact that Dean’s blood is the key ingredient to reversing the spell (due to Dean being in love with Cas), and that’s part of why he’s leading Dean down this Mark of Cain path - because when Dean has fully embraced the Mark+Blade then he will have become a demon, like Cain, and thus his blood will be tainted (demonic) and no longer suited to the reversing of the spell.

I like this idea, because it would be a fairly cool and different way of making deancas canon -

somehow Cas and Sam find out the truth of the spell (they force it out of Metatron and/or Gadreel, maybe), and Cas, head bowed (embarrassment, shame?) admits that the label of ‘angel in love with a human’ does indeed fit him, but goes on to say, without naming the human he’s in love with, that this means the spell is indeed irreversible (implying that he believes his love is not reciprocated).

Sam, however, looks thoughtful and less certain.

then the two of them end up tangled in trying to stop Dean going darkside, and in the struggle Sam punches or cuts Dean, getting Dean’s (still human) blood on his hand…

while Cas continues trying to talk Dean down, Sam, in a fit of inspiration, quietly starts performing the reversal of the spell (since he has all other ingredients on him at the time, because of reasons).

in the moment Cas has succeeded in talking Dean down (or perhaps at a moment when it seems he has failed, whichever), there’s a sudden explosion of light and sound - the spell completed!

lights start filling the sky, angels in rapture making their way back home.

Dean and Cas turn to where Sam is panting over the spell reversal sigil (and whatever other spell remnants are left - burning herbs, bones, whatever), his hand still spotted with Dean’s blood.

"What the fuck?" Dean mutters, not understanding.

But Cas’ eyes trail from the blood on Sam’s hand to the cut on Dean’s cheek (or his bloody nose, or wherever Sam got Dean’s blood from), and wild, devastating understanding dawns in him, his breath catches, his eyes widen…

"Dean…" he chokes, and Dean meets his gaze, his own expression dark with confusion, still crazed with the influence of the Mark, but then softening at the overwhelming emotion he finds in Cas. Questioning.

Cas lifts a hand, fingertips reaching towards Dean’s cheek.

Dean swallows and lets him. Still not understanding, completely unaware of what Sam has done and what it has revealed about him, not at all comprehending Cas’ sudden shock and tenderness towards him… but welcoming it nonetheless…

and ~ end scene ~

Abaddon arrives and breaks the moment, perhaps. Or Sam collapses from where Dean previously hurt him during their fight. Something that forces Dean and Cas back to practical matters, the emotional revelation set aside for the future. But undeniably OUT THERE, part of canon. Absolute proof that not only is Cas in love with Dean, but that Dean is in love with Cas.

Idk, that might be cool? :)

(trouble is… I can’t think WHY Crowley would want to ensure Metatron’s spell is not reversed… ooooh, unless he plans to work with Metatron, against Abaddon, maybe?? eh… it’s all a pipe dream anyway, details don’t really matter! :p)

As for why Crowley doesn’t want the angels back, it seems they have less power now?  They don’t seem to be able to teleport any more (at least, not voluntarily - the angel-banishing sigil still works after all), for example.  Being cast out of heaven probably reduced their power.  Less power for angels means less holding back the demons

Excellent! Well, now that’s been sorted there’s nothing standing in the way of this theory becoming canon :p

Also let’s make this painful…

"Dean…" he chokes, and Dean meets his gaze, his own expression dark with confusion, still crazed with the influence of the Mark, but then softening at the overwhelming emotion he finds in Cas. Questioning.

Cas lifts a hand, fingertips reaching towards Dean’s cheek.

And then the silhouette of a big pair of wings starts shinning on Castiel’s back, and he is pulled to Heaven with the rest of the angels and trapped behind those closed doors.

And then you’d have season ten, with Sam having told Dean what happened and Dean angsting over having lost Cas and doing his best to bring him back, and since this isn’t act two anymore and they’re each other’s endgame, at some point we would have the happy reunion and a kiss (preferably mid-season, since NO WAY would I have a whole season without Cas) ^^


(57) Josie Sands’ Letter

Dear Mom,

I know you aren’t here anymore. But wherever you are, I’m sure you can hear me. I’m in the right career to believe that your loved ones still keep an eye on you even from beyond the grave. I should know, I’ve studied enough ghost cases.

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I cannot get this scenario out of mind, that Dean will not survive this season. That by the final episode, Dean has killed Abaddon and in doing so has damned himself to an eternity as a Knight of Hell. He doesn’t remember who he was before, all he is aware of now is the power he has surging through his veins, and the compulsion to kill, to spill blood and to bask in the warmth of it as it hits him with each slice of his blade. And so caught up in his bloodlust he can’t see the faces of his victims, they could be anybody. Only one of them isn’t just anybody. And it is only when he has sunk the blade in and heard a voice cry out that seems so familiar, that feels like where home used to be, that salience hits him. And when he looks at the man’s face, truly searches it, he realises who it is, who he has just killed. And it stabs him in the gut, he feels the pain of his reality sharper than that which any blade could cause. He grabs hold of Castiel to catch him before the angel slumps completely, sinking to his knees as he gently carries the weight of his friend to the ground. Dean is unable to make a sound, unable to breathe, only to look in horror at what he has done. He hadn’t known that Castiel was human, that the stolen grace had needed to be purged from within before it destroyed him, and so he can’t understand why he is holding a lifeless body in his arms. He sees Sam a short distance away and panics; he can’t kill him too! And even in his grief he can feel the bloodlust rising in him again, that he’s in danger of becoming a monster again at any moment. So he gently lays Castiel on the ground, and turns to Sam and begs him, begs him, to please end it, to kill him before he kills anyone else. He doesn’t know it but his emotions have blackened his eyes, showing the demonic being he has become. And Sam, tears in his eyes, tells him he can’t, he won’t do it. But when he hears his brother say “Sammy, …same circumstances” in a strained and desperate voice, Sam breaks. He looks to Cas’ body, looks to his brother’s tear- and blood-stained face, and braces himself. He pulls out his own knife, approaches Dean slowly, and then swings. In one swift movement he has cut off Dean’s head. He closes his eyes to try to block out the sounds of the impacts on the ground and falls to his knees. His brother is dead; his friend is dead. He is alone.


No matter what the consequences.

This scene is absolutely terrifying to watch, honestly, not just because it shows the increasingly depth of Dean’s physical addiction, but because in this case it also showcases the fact that Dean’s worse problem may not even be the Blade so much as his desire to do penance via sacrifice of self.

The scene above isn’t Dean hiding from the fact he could get addicted to the Blade, nor is it about Dean not knowing that he could be damned. No, this scene is about the fact that Dean Winchester no longer CARES if any of the above are the consequences. Dean doesn’t care if he’ll be broken by the end of killing Abaddon, so long as it cleans up his mess.

Dean’s biggest problemisn’t his drinking or his lying or even his escalating tendency toward violence. Those are all all symptoms of what is actually destroying him, yes, but Dean’s real enemy is and has always been the depth of his own self loathing and the way he chooses to apologize for his mistakes and existance.

Because Dean barely even cares if he lives any more - he’s certainly no shying away from the necessary potential sacrifices he might have to make in the days to come because he believes eliminating Abaddon is the only useful contribution he has left to make to the world.  He’s decided if he’s going to be stuck as poison than he’s damn well turning that trait on his enemies instead of his friends.

Dean is not just being emo, nor is he shedding meaningless manpain when he slathers self loathing all over himself like butter across bread.  He’s really and truly  life threateningly (and probably clinically with all the PTSD tie ins and accompanying fucked up brain chemistry) ‘I need a life time’s worth of outpatient therapy and then maybe I’ll consider the idea I MIGHT not be the source of all evil’ levels of depressed.

Dean doesn’t have the kind of depression that just sulks in its room and refuses to change because its too hard… Instead he’s got the kind of depression that all but hides behind the guise of too much emo just to hide the shit scary passive and non passive suicidal or self destructive decisions he’s actually making.  Dean’s not lying to Sam  because he wants to avoid a simple bitch session, he’s lying to Sam because the truth would land him in a panic room somewhere.

The plain truth is this - Dean has decided that Abaddon is his rightful sole personal responsibility…not a burdened to be shared with his friends or family but a threat he alone should have to deal with because her dead is more valuable then him alive . She’s his suicide note in progress.

And the worst of it is the only one who GETS that clearly is right now is fucking CROWLEY. who either won’t care if Dean’s killed because it eliminates a threat to Crowley’s power in the long run or who will try and co opt the monster Dean’s become afterwards for his own benefit, which is probably worse.

The Dean Crowley labeled as ‘ready’ for what’s ahead.  He’s not in denial in the slightest.  He just acknowledges no concern at all anymore about what will be left of him once Abaddon is dead, because he assumes what’s left will be nothing, or at least nothing worth crying over.  I am betting serious money Sam’s comments earlier in the season have left him sure and probably comforted by the fact if he’s a monster by the end of all this that Sam can be counted kill him with little or no regret. It’s not a TRUE belief on his part of course, but depression skews perception and this has been Season miscommunication for both brothers.  Sam has been angry for all the right reasons and he’s been trying to fix things but all that’s really happened is reconfirmed all Dean’s worst assumptions about himself.

Sam might have meant during their fight in The Purge that he wouldn’t have tried to save Dean at the expense of his personal agency, but what I’m betting the bank Dean heard was he’s not worth saving at all.  And a guy who’s poison to everything he loves, hell may be a step up because at least down there he’ll be punished for what he is or no longer care once he climbs off the rack.

This is about as dangerous as life can get for Dean… he’s likely anticipating the reality that he’ll put down like an animal rather than rehabilitated once abaddon dies, and he’s going to take it like the good man he wants to be. Dean is preparing his final swan song right now, quietly and determinedly, and no one is seeing clearly enough to recognize it but the King of Hell.

The question for me is how long it’s gonna take for Sam and Cas to catch on to what Crowley already understands. (Not long I’m guessing with Cas about to join them at the bunker - he’s better at calling out/seeing through Dean’s bullshit than Sam).  I’m also curious what both men will do in reaction to understanding what they’re really seeing, if they find out before it’s too late to do anything but sit back and play spectator.

Sam is not going to get the apology he wanted this season, or rather, he’s going to get it in the one form he didn’t want it in.


So I was re-watching First Born with the intention of making a lighthearted post about beards, instead…I got a whole hell of a lot of Cain/Colette feels. And along with those came the Dean/Cas feels…so come along with me friends, and imagine this scenario for a moment:

It’s the season finale, Dean is on a rampage, looking for Abaddon, not caring about the consequences to himself. When he finally finds her, she is not in Josie’s body any longer, instead…she has a new vessel. She is possessing Cas. We all know that demons can possess angels, most of them just aren’t stupid enough to do so, but at this point Cas is weak from the grace decaying inside his body, so she saw her opportunity and she took it. Cas knows how to get back into heaven by this stage, and Abaddon, wanting to take heaven along with hell and earth, possesses him to get this information out of his brain, and also to use him as a human shield against Dean.

She figures, he won’t kill her if she’s possessing Cas, and she asks him to join her and rule hell alongside her. She says him with his blade, and her with her army, they will be unstoppable. If he doesn’t, she says she’ll snap the angel in two, kill him, kill Sam, kill everyone left alive that he loves. But he’s blind with bloodlust, and stabs her (and Cas) right through the gut.

Now just imagine the above scenario happening with Dean and Cas. Notice the way Colette is splayed on the floor, looking like an angel with her arms spread out, all she’s missing is wing marks burned all around her. And the way Cain is looking at her in the bottom left gif? It sort of reminds me of:


And this is what makes Dean stop, because right before Cas’ wings char the floor below him, he asks him to. The main difference here though? Cas is an angel, a very special angel, and next season, he will return to Dean because reasons, and the two of them will never leave each other ever again.

Also in this spec angels are able to be killed by the first blade okay just go with it because feels…or maybe the grace decay has made him almost human again idk idk…

I am so sorry for this post I am a horrible person, I tried to make it happy at the end tho //slinks away

We really are all circling the same scenario right now aren’t we?

I can’t decide which variation I like best!

Green. (Season 9 finale speculation fic)


(based on this  inspiration)


And then the green eyes meat the blue pair . Those blue eyes that used to mean everything to him.

How did I fucked up, what have I done, why ? 

And in this glimpse of realization, which is threatening to leave him, he knows, Dean turns the blade toward himself, eyes not leaving those blue ones, the only words that escape his mouth are “I’m sorry , Cas… I….I… ” He chokes. He can’t talk. 

He stabs himself, ready to die. Still looking in those deep blue eyes, the ocean, the world.

Everything is spinning around him. But not those blue eyes. They are fixed on someone, something, Dean can see those lips he craved so much; once when he was still Dean. He sees those lips moving, he can see the terror in those blue eyes, but he can’t hear, can’t feel, and even the comfort of those blue eyes escaping him.

He can’t see.

Suddenly, everything around him goes black.

And there is no comfort in the blackness, not this time .

Nothing is numb this time. Everything is heightened , everything is powerful. He wants to see those blue eyes. More than anything. More than the blade, more than the rush in his veins when he takes the life of another big player.

More than anything. He wants those eyes. But there is nothing.

He can hear only the screams of the people he has killed , he can only hear his own self telling him- but this is so good, lets do that again, this feels so good, you know you want it, you need it , you crave this

He opens his eyes, trying to see, trying to grasp the new reality. Will it be purgatory? Hell?

He realizes then that the blade is still in his hands, but it’s not bringing him any comfort anymore, he still can’t see, or can he?

Castiel is looking into those green eyes, he can see the emptiness inside takes the place of the emotions that were there a second ago. He can see them, but he can’t read them.

Something is going down. This time, though, there are no special powers he can use. There is no gripping his friend, his lover, there is no saving him from perdition this time.

But he has to try, something, anything. The cost is nothing, he tells himself, it wasn’t meant to be like this anyway.

He is trying so hard to see, but there are only screams.

He feels the heat.

He feels his body tightening, he feels strong yet not complete. Something is not right. Then he drops the blade.

It’s time, Cas realizes, he can feel it, he can’t watch this, but still, his eyes fixed on the green, on those eyes that mean everything to him, freedom, hate, comfort, hurt, trust, lust, betrayal, love. 

He comes close, one step, then another, then another, not moving his eyes from Dean’s.

Then .


Not green.

Not green.

It’s time.

Dean can’t see, he can feel, though, every sense is heightened . Something very warm is reaching out, close to him.

He can hear something, but can’t convert the syllables into words, is this a language? What is this?

He can see now, a bright light. And something blue in the middle of that dazzling light. Someone holds his right hand and is pushing against his chest, pinning him to the wall. Deep blue eyes in the midst of that bright bright light, that burning sensation. Heat. 

It hurts. But he wants those hands, the one on his chest, the one on his hand. He wants those eyes, he wants them to stay close to him. Die with him. He needs those hands, he wants them, and he craves them.

Everything is light. There is nothing but this dazzling light, and a piercing voice that seem to come from somewhere deep inside him. And the grip on his hand is loosening.

He can see his brother, he can see Castiel.

They are both crushed to the floor. Unconscious? Dead?

He knew  Cas’ plan was a bad idea, but the angel wouldn’t hear any of his protests.

"Sam , I…. " that was all he said , then he stepped toward Dean. Not looking back.

Cas’ left hand on the Dean’s right, on the mark. There is a cut on Cas’ neck. A nasty cut.  Bleeding. 


That is all he manages to see when he opens his eyes.

Green again. Relief.

Then there is blackness, and dizziness, and he is falling.

He is falling in every sense possible. He thinks he may pass out.

Cas wraps his hand around Dean’s.

There was a movement, he saw his brother open his eyes, and they were green again. They were his brother’s.

He saw Castiel’s hands on his brother. Castiel doesn’t move. His hand limp on his brother’s hand. His other hand on Dean’s chest. But he isn’t moving.

Sam tries to take a step forward.

He feels those hands on his body. One hand on his chest, the other on his hand, they are cold. Those hands he had craved so much.

He opens his eyes again.

He can see. He sees a head, black hair, closed eyes. He wants to see those blue eyes. But they are close to him.

Shut down.

There is a cut on his angel’s throat. The bleeding has stopped. Both hands are still cold.

Dean wrenches his hand free, the mark is gone. There is a strange sensation there. But the mark is nowhere to be seen.

He looks again at his lover’s head, hands, lips, he touches him. He is crying. He was supposed to die. This was supposed to end. He can’t look anywhere but at his lover, angel, friend, his everything.

He can’t talk.

I need you.

I want you.

I love you. 


(thank you for the beta)

It took me a long damn time, but…


...”See you, Snooks”

combined with the way Dean looks in that scene makes me all kinds of emotional, because he doesn’t say

"enjoy the ride downstairs"

or any of the usual snarky stuff he says.

Instead he tells her

"See you"

Because Dean’s sure they’ll meet again, because he thinks he’s going to hell. Again.

This time however he might arrive as a demon, a knight of hell already, no need to burn the humanity away bit by bit, because nothing’s left to begin with…


Nothing saddens me more than the blank look Dean gets in his eyes when he’s about to die.

- colinmorgasms

Really though…


…Jensen talking about Dean getting more and more emotionally detached from everything and everyone around him to me makes it just all the more plausible (like many of us have been speculating about) for the season finale to end with a “Swan Song”/”Goodybe Stranger” scenario that will end with Dean hurting either Sam or Cas - my bet is on Cas though - pretty badly (as in close to death badly - maybe Cas tries to sacrfiice his grace to save Dean and then Dean hurts him when he is human and therefore much more vulnerable) while they are trying to pull Dean back. And then we’ll get this short flickering in his eyes. Just a second of “realisation” what he has done. And then we’d see Dean turning away, shoulders slumped, indicating that the understanding of what he did has finally caught up with him. But then, when the audience expects Dean to turn around and see one silent tear roll down his cheek, we’ll get this shot of Dean slowly turning his head and sporting an evil grin and black eyes. Cue title cards.

And of course I am sure we’ll get the redemption arc in S10, but it’s going to be one long painful way back for Dean. But dear, I can’t wait for the heartache, because you know: There is beauty in the breakdown.

Oh OH I like!

Oh, so, maybe Cas did something that involved removing ‘his’ grace. Like a spell or something to try and help get the Mark off Dean.

But Dean didn’t know.

And then Cas and Sam confront him (secretly holding this grace-fueled-weapon-spell-thing) and tell him to stop using the blade etc/whatever. And Dean is all ‘nah!’ and ‘I can’t stop now’ and ‘I’m doing what I have to’ and ‘it isn’t broken’ and stuff, and before Sam and Cas can use their special weapon he cuts Cas as a distraction (something like how Cas broke Sam’s wall), not intending to kill, because he figures Cas will heal, but just hurt Cas bad enough that he and Sam have to stop and deal with Cas’ wound, allowing Dean to get on with his plan to use the blade to kill Abaddon undisturbed.

Only, of course, since Cas is grace-less the cut is WAY SERIOUS, at risk of being fatal…

…and that leads into Dusty’s imagining above!