Although talking of removing an angel’s grace

Anna’s got put in that glowing necklace thing.

But I’ve had this idea knocking about for a while that wouldn’t it be cool if an angel’s grace, once removed from the angel, takes on a form specific to the angel it belongs to?

This has come up in fic before in relation to what an angel’s grace creates when it hits the ground - like Anna’s created an oak tree, and maybe that reflected her character somehow. So lots of fallen!Cas fics I’ve read have had Cas’ grace create different things, like rose bushes or willow trees etc, all of which reflected on Cas’ character as interpreted by the writers in ways I forget but I’m sure were pretty cool :)

So, I was thinking, what if an angel’s grace never hit the ground?

If it was left in the open, separated from its angel, maybe it would take a form that was personal to the angel somehow. Like maybe the sparkly pendent that held Anna’s grace wasn’t something Uriel and Cas trapped her grace in, but it WAS Anna’s grace, taking on a form that related to Anna (no, I don’t know how the coloured glass thing might have had sentimental relevance to Anna, shhh, let’s just assume).

So what if, when Cas’ grace is removed, it turns into a familiar bronze coloured talisman shaped like a small horned head…

(and then maybe, for reasons, it gets sent back in time, and becomes known as a very special amulet known for its protective quality… eventually finding its way to Bobby Singer, who eventually passes it along to a young Sam Winchester and… you know…) 

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    I wrote a fic where Castiel’s grace was torn out and put in Dean’s amulet. But the time travel idea makes this 1000x...
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  9. larinah said: I like that idea. It reminds me of the watch in “Somewhere in Time”. (Not that it’s the same exactly, it just has the same romantic feel to it.)
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