Reegarding your Cas in ep 200 thing, I'm sure I read somewhere that Misha had to cancel a con appearance cause it clashed with filming for this episode. I may be wrong though...

You’re not wrong, I read that too! My tags were misleading, sorry. I’m confident Cas/Misha is IN THE EPISODE - my concern is whether his storyline will interact with the brothers’ storyline, as in whether TFW will be onscreen all together, or not… I don’t want Cas’ to be too separate from the boys next season, and certainly not separate from them in a meta episode titled Fan Fiction!

Not that I dislike Cas having his own separate story - I love that, I loved that he had his own (ONSCREEN!) thing going on through S09. But I think in S10 he needs to be more integrated, otherwise it will feel like he is being shunned/segregated.

(though some of this thinking is based on my assumption/hope that S10 will be spn’s LAST season… which… could end up not being the case…)

We’re not at a convention but we’re at a place where they’re doing a play based on the Chuck Shurley books. So not only are these books based on our lives, now people are doing a play based on these books, and someone is haunting it, so we go and try to investigate what’s going on at this play, based on the books about our lives. Jared Padalecki on the 200th episode (x)

Why didn’t you look for me? / Why didn’t you let me go?


Something that is really intriguing me right now is the major contrast between the beginning of season 8, the beginning of season 10. How Sam looking for Dean is being called an “answer” to him not looking for Dean in season 8, according for Carver, but…I don’t think it’s that simple, nor do I think that’s the true intent of this arc. 

What we’re dealing with here are extremes, either you disappeared and I didn’t look for you at all, or you disappeared and I turned into a monster to find you. According to Jensen, Dean isn’t going to be happy with what Sam ends up doing in order to find him. He’s going to ask him why he didn’t just let him go. I think that in Sam’s mind this WILL be his attempt to make up for not looking for Dean when he was in Purgatory, when in reality he is simply feeding into the toxic cycle they are both still trapped in. I wouldn’t expect for him to not search for Dean this time, but it looks like the way he’s going to go about it will be anything but healthy or positive in nature.

For Sam it’s all or nothing though…he either drops out of the life all together, or throws himself headlong into the abyss. He’s either in or he’s out and there’s no middle ground. Between season 7 and season 8 it’s pretty clear Sam was in a very bad place, when he hit the dog that night it’s been theorized by many that he was borderline suicidal and completely lost because Dean was gone. To me it was never about him not caring enough to look, but it was about finally putting an end to that Winchester merry-go-round we are all too familiar with. He wanted to move on and finally be done with it all…so he accepted that Dean was gone…and then he met Amelia.

I do think this is something that caused him immense guilt down the line, but it also served as a glimpse at what Sam truly wants for himself. He wants a life that’s not all killing monsters and the fate of the world resting his shoulders, and for that year that meant cutting himself off from the life completely, leaving Kevin to fend for himself and accepting that his brother was dead. It was one extreme, and now in season 10 we will be seeing another it would seem.

The PR that’s surrounding the show right now is amusing me to be honest, particularly what Jared has been saying, because it’s sort of missing the mark in more ways than one. He’s really emphasizing that “NOW Sam loves Dean and is willing to do anything for him” but…this has never been about love, or a lack thereof. There has never been a lack of love between Sam and Dean, but what there has been is an incredibly unhealthy dynamic for pretty much their entire lives, but that’s another topic for another day.

It’s not about love, the love is already there, it’s about finding some middle ground. Now granted the situation in season 8 was entirely different than this one, but the purpose of this major contrast is still the same in my eyes. We will have seen Sam going to both extremes, and likely realizing neither one of those extremes was the solution to his problems.

Finding balance is clearly something that every character on spn needs to do, and I hope we see this theme playing out as season 10 progresses. Balance between the dark and the light, balance between dropping out all together and sacrificing yourself, and balance between holding on too tight and letting go completely. 


about Dean's relationships with women
I see it more as specific vs general. Dean broke the specific command to ‘kill Dean’ but then the tablet broke the wider command to ‘be Naomi’s puppet’.

Yeah, that’s how I’ve always interpreted it. I don’t think that’s incompatible with living’s idea though - breaking a specific command weakened the wider brainwashing, allowing the tablet to break then that? (or at least make it easier for the tablet to break the wider brainwashing) or something… :p

Since rewatching that episode (817 I think?), I’ve come to the conclusion that the tablet breaking snapped the connection with Naomi, but it was already fractured by Dean and what he was saying to Castiel. It’s the timing: he’s saying Cas, I know you’re in there, this isn’t you, we’re family, I need you - and that’s when Cas, who’s about to kill Dean, drops the blade instead. THEN the tablet goes to the ground and he flashes out of Naomi’s office and she starts yelling for him. The tablet would never have broken if Dean hadn’t already managed to reach Cas.  JMO of course… :)

I like your thinking :)


I just have a different opinion on the speculation that Cas’ arc for season 10 will be nothing but season divine 2.0 (Cas separated from the Winchesters almost all season long) is all. I think for Cas, his arc may still be separated in the beginning, being that Dean is off “howling at the moon”, but I think that when season sin’s second “A” plot beat “creeps up” (as Carver says) that everyone will be together because they’ll have bigger problems.

More than fandom complaints over the separation setup last year, the season felt incredible disjointed on the whole. I would think they saw how much it didn’t work in the “entertainment” sense, not when most of the GA enjoys both Cas and the interact between the three of them. Since extreme bi-bro fans just want Cas gone, the setup really didn’t work for anyone really. I just don’t think they’ll keep with it beyond the first part of the season, all things considered.

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ding ding ding! we have a winner. (seriously.)

If you’re worried like me, bunkermouse makes some great points here I think about Sam needing to once again embrace his violent streak in order for Dean to see what the toxicity of their bond does to him and for Sam to finally begin to face/acknowledge/understand that part of himself and work to control it (much in the same way Dean had to “regress” last season to hit rock bottom and will be facing his darker side in S10)

The Dark Side of Sam Winchester


TV Line has released an interview with Carver that containers a vast amount of teases for season 10 of Supernatural. The one thing that fans are calling into question is that Carver says that Sam is going to go down a dark path to find his brother.

There are two main reasons this arc is neither surprising or unwanted. First Sam’s conscience will not allow him to sit idly or hide from his brother’s disappearance. He did that in season 8 and his brother came back, angry, hurt and traumatized. It was made clear in the beginning of season 8 that their spoken agreement that if one of them went missing the other would go on with their life was null and void.

This season is going to show Dean that their codependency hurts Sam, it is going to turn him into a monster. It is going to show Dean that he needs to let his brother go and let him make his own life choices in order to be happy. But, the question is will demon!dean care that his brother is doing monstrous things in the name of finding his brother? I think that he eventually will.

The second thing is that Sam has always been the brother with the temper, the one more prone to violence. It’s the quiet ones you have to watch out for, right? We’ve seen it many times. He basically turned into a sociopath after being tortured by the Trickster. They didn’t know if it would be safe to show Sam Brady because they didn’t think he would be able to think past his rage. Sam’s rage and violence is hot and fueled by passion. It’s predominantly sat on the back burner in the past few years as he’s been our lovable broken puppy but that does not mean that it is gone because violence is an innate characteristic for Sam.

Dean had never truly been a dark character until he went to hell. He isn’t violent in the way that Sam is. Where Sam will break your face in Dean will calmly slice you up. It’s that little piece of Alistair that has lived inside him ever since he got off the rack.

I really can’t wait for this season because it seems like the writers have gone back into the archives to look for character arcs that were neglected, traits that were left unchecked and have festered. The beginning of the season is not going to be pretty. If you’ve seen Being Human, which is also run by Carver, you know that Carver likes to tear characters apart before putting them back together. It is going to be dark, Sam’s darker side is going to drive him to find his brother because he knows that his brother is out there. Bodies don’t just disappear. If he doesn’t find his brother then he has failed him just like he failed him in season 8 (which he really didn’t but that is how the boys see it). I wonder who he will go after for answers.