From last weekend’s convention:

Michael on Lex: “You just kinda love the guy…you don’t want him to turn bad because you see what he went through. And he’s trying to be good. The real liar - we all know who the real liar is on Smallville - and that’s Clark Kent! (crowd applauds) He’s a liar! He didn’t tell me about the super powers. Episode One should have ended the whole series! He should have been like “Listen, I saved you. I lifted up the car. I ripped you out of the car, I gave you mouth to mouth…I slipped some tongue in there because I’m a perv…and let’s rule the world together, Lex!”

Oh Steven

I was hoping you’d desist in making Clara Mary-Sue-like integral to the Doctor’s life/identity via inserting her into his past.

That said, I really enjoyed the way the time looping stuff worked out in this one and it was very exciting getting a glimpse of the Doctor’s childhood.

So I liked the ep.

And it was about Clara getting to grips with herself, her individual personality, and looking to do things for herself and stuff with all the bits surrounding her date. Or so it felt to me anyway.

But pls stop with trying to make Clara seemingly uber important to the Doctor via artificial means like this. I disliked the way Rose was made special to the Doctor, but even I have to admit that her specialness fit the story in the sense of developing naturally from the characters’ situations, both emotional and circumstantial. What’s happening with Clara is just… shoehorning her into the Doctor’s story/life. I don’t object to that kind of thing on principle or anything - but you’ve DONE IT now. You did it with Clara jumping into the time vortex thing and becoming an element of all the Doctor’s lives. You did it with River jumping in and out of the Doctor’s timeline and the two of them forced by the concept of time (and brainwashing) to be part of each other’s lives.

Look, I really really LIKE time loops and watching events fit together and ‘past’ happenings made sense of by ‘future’ events and all that (my fav oldschool ep is Mawdryn Undead which does a similar thing - although imperfectly there’s a small fuck up where things don’t align). But you can’t use that plot ALL THE TIME. It screws up character growth, because there ends up being too much ‘predestination’ involved…

I don’t know if that whine made sense, but yeah, anyway…

As I say, still liked the ep though. And more liking of Clara this week. I think I’m getting more of a feel for who she is now. Really like her discomfort with the tardis - that’s fresh and fun :)



"There was a question about directing, and whether that sort of mindset stays with him after he’s gone back to being an actor. Jensen laughed and said "NO!”, he snaps right back out of it once he’s done. “And slam the door,” he added with a laugh. “And have a whisky.” He…