Escapisman inclination to retreat from unpleasant realities through diversion or fantasy. It can also be used to define the actions people take to help relieve persistent feelings of depression.

When Sam experiences trauma, he tends to throw himself wholeheartedly into whatever job he has in front of him, as a means of burying his pain. He gets tunnel vision, can’t focus on anything except the task at hand, and he becomes obsessive.

Sam often distances himself from his pain by compartmentalizing. He’ll go thousands of miles away from where a traumatic event occurred. When he feels hurt by someone, he leaves to protect himself. When Sam feels unstable or scared, he’ll push other people away, believing it’s for their own well-being.

Sam, unintentionally, uses escapism as a means of safeguarding his mind and allowing himself to function when dealing with severe trauma.

I agree completely with this analysis.

But I feel like the third/fourth and the final gif here are not examples of Sam falling into escapism/tunnel vision.

The third gif I would say is Sam as an addict recognising that he needs to face up to and treat his addiction. And Sam working in the bar is something like a hunter’s version of rehab, maybe?

While the final gif I see as Sam making peace with the fact that he is literally dying and there is simply nothing he can do about it (no natural thing that doesn’t have a terrible cost anyways).

Ergo - those are, to me, examples of Sam being mature/sensible and making choices in his right mind after careful thought, as opposed to running/hiding as a way to cope with trauma.

Misha says Cas is an angel at his core and doesn't want to be human in that article. I'm a little worried how that fits into endgame if Cas stays an angel.



Well I mean Misha wouldn’t know where Cas is headed way down the line anymore than we do. If you had asked Jensen mid-season 9 if Dean were going to become a demon I’m pretty certain he would have said no and well…

That being said whether Cas chooses to live graceless or fully powered up in the end, he’ll always be an angel, but that doesn’t mean he can’t remain on Earth. Since last season we have seen many angels who chose to remain on Earth and live amongst humanity. This is why I have no preference either way right now in terms of whether or not Cas is “human” or an angel at the end of the series… he is an angel at his core, but that doesn’t mean he’s not an angel who loves and has been forever changed by humanity.

As a non shipper I agree with Holly here. 

Cas is an angel who loves (you decide what kind of love, but he loves) and has been changed forever by humanity. 

I think that Cas will choose humanity, rather if it will be on earth, or as an angel guarding humanity. This whole journey he has gone through is huge and meaningful.