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I finally was able to grasp, what it was, that was ~bugging - though this isn’t quite the right word for it, more “what made me go “ooooh” - me about this small gesture in this wonderful and revealing scene of Dean in front of the mirror. lost-shoe has been talking about this moment and the possible significance of wiping from left to right and from right to left in this instance already, but what this made me think of, has actually nothing to do with the symbolism of right (hand) representing the  “good” side and left standing for the dark/wrong/bad side.

To me, this whole hand motion, that kind of loosely follows a circle, reminds me of a clock. Meaning: Dean is wiping his hand anti-clockwise across the mirror, which is kind of a wondeful visual for the wish or notion of “wanting to turn back the time”. And in a way I think this fits to the scene. Dean trying to undo what has been done, Dean trying to uncover, touch base with himself and go back, recognize himself - but he fails to reconcile, who he is now with who he used to be. Yeah, when I look at this gif, it makes me hear Chris Martin of Coldplay singing in my head

"Oh take me back to the start…"

Yes, I also felt it in the whole episode, he feels lost, and kind of regret, as I’ve said before, there was a scene that I felt like he is asking for help, feeling hopeless but recognizing he needs help, but he doesn’t know what to do, who to ask for . 

And amazingly enough, right under your post, this one appear . 

How am I gonna get myself back home?

We are the last people standing
At the end of the night
We are the greatest pretenders
In the cold morning light

A beautiful song and, Dean feels. 


9x18 “Metafiction” - The Trench-Coat and Free Will.

(image source http://casneedslove.tumblr.com/post/82868065367/castiel-in-9x18-meta-fiction )

At what point does Cas realise he is trapped in Metatron’s text?

In other words at what point does he become self-aware in “Metafiction”?

He notices in the re-created Gas-n-Sip (site of his “jilted lover” conversation as “Steve” with Dean in 9x06 ”Heaven Can’t Wait”) that a tear in the lining of his trench-coat is no longer there…

The trench-coat, as we know, has become the symbol of Castiel’s membership of Team Free Will, especially for Dean.

Dean kept it when Cas was swallowed by Leviathan and he returned it to ”Emmanuel” in 7x17.

Cas chose to re-create it, clean and shiny, in 8x07 when he emerged ”dirty” from Purgatory, a reassurance, for Dean in particular, that he was really back.

Originally his vessel, Jimmy Novak’s, the trench-coat symbolises Castiel’s path away from being a “good soldier” of Heaven and towards being a Winchester.

Here it becomes the means by which he breaks Metatron’s control.

Dean’s fight for and faith in Castiel as a free angel has gifted him the identity of the trench-coat, and that gift here, once again, helps Cas break free of the controlling forces of Heaven.  


Ugh, the trench as his ‘thread to humanity/free will’ I like that! Though this is a bit counter to where my thoughts on the trench this season had been moving - I was seeing it more as a symbol of angelhood, considering Cas discards it when he loses his grace, but then gets it back (albeit slightly different) when he regains grace.

But I guess THIS version of the trench, with it’s PLAID (ie. Winchester/hunter/humanity) pattern under the collar, is more representative not of being an angel or of being human, but simply of CAS. It’s a blend of all the parts of his identity - angel and human, it represents his ties to Dean, to rebellion, and even, I would say, to BEING a soldier (since he spent a fair bit of time as a ‘good soldier’ within it, even if it ultimately became the uniform of his rebellion).

It represents his free, authentic Self, woven out of a collection of different cloth. So yes, of course it would help him break free of another’s control, help him to be himself again :)

(And oh even the ripping of it has symbolic significance here - it ripped just as he was about to enter the first ‘scene’ of Metatron’s story, a sign of Metatron attacking and managing to slightly wear away Cas’ individuality/freedom/Self. OH Robbie said in one of his live tweets there was even a scene with Cas sewing up the tear originally, but it got cut - sad because that would have been brilliant, a symbol of Cas restoring his identity/free will!)



Meta Fiction // 9.18

I have to comment on that last gif because… gosh if ever there was a perfect visual representation of Dean’s arc this season, that is it. Because Dean has always had an inner darkness that is part of him (a darkness nurtured by Alistair in Hell, a darkness that reveled in the purity of Purgatory, a darkness that we see being tapped into by the mark of Cain), and as littlehollyleaf and I both just talked about, Dean is a man who struggles with a duality in nature, struggles between the light and the dark within. And that is represented beautifully by that division of light at the start of that gif. But then what happens? The darkness then moves to cover his face completely, the light gone, consumed, and all that remains is shadow.

Just my interpretation of course, but I suspect this is another hint at the very dark place Dean will be in come season’s end…

All this duality of Dean stuff is my new favourite thing!

To further this speculation - don’t forget the song that was playing over that final gif. The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore. And when the sun isn’t shining what are you left with…? ;)

(and now I’m thinking about Cas being Dean’s sunshine, oh man!)

Cedar lodge ("Metafiction" discussion 9x18)




…so, what’s the symbolic significance of cedar trees then? :p

I saw bold-sartorial-statement’s writing on cedar in the Bible, and that jogged my brain a little.

On a more physical level, you’re likely to encounter cedar used to protect woolen goods from…

I also like the crack guinea pig connection lol :-)

However, I think “Cedar Lodge” most likely links to Castiel-as-a-Jesus-figure, something which has come up over and over throughout S9.

It is conjectured that the cross Jesus was crucified on was probably some type of cedar (see here  http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_wood_was_used_for_the_cross_of_Jesus ).

The camera in 9x18 “Metafiction” also makes a point of showing us that Cas was staying in room No 7 at Cedar Lodge. The number 7 is replete with biblical significance. It represents, among many other things, God. And we have known, for a long time now, that Cas is somehow secretly chosen by God (all those miraculous resurrections).

Moreover, Meta!Gabe specifically mentions Jesus in his voicemail message to Dean whilst he’s in the car with Cas (just to ram the point home) ”Remember me, the guy who died for your sins? No, not the cat with the beard and the sandals. The hot one…”

Is this a terrible foreshadowing? Will Cas have to die for Mark-of-Cain!Dean’s sins?

Metatron may want to be the hero in his own story and wish for Castiel to be the villain, but even he senses, like it or not, that there is something special about Cas….

Fantastic! I love how this keeps going and going.

Didn’t know that about Jesus’ cross. Yes, that seems significant! And I totally noticed the #7 as well! I’d been wondering what that signified because I remembered from Sunday School it was a ‘holy number’ or something.

I hope Cas isn’t too much of a Christ figure (I find them slightly, uh, dull…). But I wonder… according to the bible Jesus died for our sins, yes. But he also came back of course. And then ascended. So, broken down - he sacrificed his human life and returned to Heaven as something divine. This could be horrible foreshadowing of Cas doing the same, sacrificing life on Earth (human life) and returning to Heaven. OR, could Cas end up putting a spin on the proceedings and do things in reverse? To save Dean (from his sins) will Cas sacrifice his divine existence (his grace) and return to Earth as a human? 

Ack, I am impatient and want to know!


The way Meta Fiction utilized light and shadow was genius. Here we see half of Dean’s face obscured by darkness, while the other half is in the light. This came right after Gadreel asked him, “the two of you against the world, right?” to which Dean replied, “Damn straight”…a lie he can’t even make himself believe anymore.

So here he is, fighting a battle inside himself, against the truth and the lies, against the light and the dark. I guess the question is now, which will prevail in the end?

Ugh ‘the two of you’ - not just ‘Sam and Dean’ but ‘the 2 of Dean,’ the 2 different sides of Dean, the man and the monster, against the world. Relating to all the great stuff about Dean and duality over here.

This episode just amazes me more and more by the SECOND! :)

deathtakesapicklechip replied to your post:  

I think Robbie said on twitter it was a nod to Curtis Armstrong, he’s a big Sherlock Holmes buff :)

Yeah, I’ve since seen that tweet. Bit of a bummer, I was thinking it might have been a vague, indirect nod to TPTB’s awareness of ‘superwholock’ (but of course, that should have involved a Dr who reference in the ep as well, which there wasn’t, so…).

Ah well, nice of Robbie to give Curtis’ RL hobby a shout out - that’s meta in and of itself :)




#did anybody else hear that #it was my heart shattering #again

Gabriel didn’t start acting like Gabriel until Castiel broke the script. He didn’t become physically expressive, he didn’t say things right, until he was left to his own devices. Wouldn’t that make this part genuine? I mean…Metatron can’t write Gabriel for shit.

The dialogue wasn’t too bad, but his mannerisms were definitely off.

I really do love the idea that whatever Metatron did to create this ‘play’ (as Gadreel calls it) actually involved dragging the real Gabriel along, and inwardly he spent the whole time cursing over being used like a puppet.

(idk though, I feel like that means he should have been genuinely himself from the point when Cas stabs him onwards, since that was the moment when Cas took them both ‘off script,’ only Gabriel goes on to tell Cas to listen to Metatron because he’s only trying to help, and that doesn’t sound like genuine Gabriel to me, so, idk…)

Cedar lodge



…so, what’s the symbolic significance of cedar trees then? :p

I saw bold-sartorial-statement’s writing on cedar in the Bible, and that jogged my brain a little.

On a more physical level, you’re likely to encounter cedar used to protect woolen goods from moths and musty smells when you store them - fresh cedar is one of the few proven moth repellents that isn’t also a carcinogen, but the effect fades after a few years. A lot of people have a cedar-lined chest that they use for summer storage of blankets and coats - older houses often have a cedar closet where it’s built right into the walls.

So we’ve got a connection with storage and protection - like the Castle Storage lockers that have come up from time to time, where Dean stashes (physical and metaphorical) things he can’t deal with right now (and maybe so does Crowley)? Cas summoned the angels to the parking lot at the motel, and then went out to meet them (leaving the protective “cedar lodge”) - he’s taking up the responsibility he felt obligated to even as he was trying to avoid it. He’s also stepping outside his protection, putting himself at risk of damage; his “fabric” could be in tatters when he’s done leading the angels. But the protection was at best temporary, possibly illusory, in the first place…

Also, it could be one more instance - a lot more metaphorical, but the whole episode was really metaphorical? - of the symbolism of closets and “stepping out of the closet” that’s come up a few times, but that symbolism has been used regarding Dean, usually.

Some varieties of cedar are also used as incense - a connection to the divine. The wood is also used for pencils - a connection to the “writing” theme of the episode.

On a more cracked-out level, cedar shavings are often used as guinea pig bedding. (no, I can’t let the guinea pig thing go either…and that was in another Robbie Thompson episode so I’m going to run with it. :) )

AWESOME! I can’t believe the response I got to this question. These are also fab thoughts, I love it :)

This is a bit counter to my musing here about Cas calling the angels to the Cedar Lodge perhaps being a sign of him opposing fake-Metatron-god (let’s call him meta!god, say we? it has a ring to it :p). Because yes, he does leave the motel room to meet the angels - perhaps symbolic of him leaving the ‘cedar house’ that god rejects. But then again, wouldn’t the parking lot still be PART of the Cedar Lodge? :p

(LOVE about the guinea pig connection :D)

deathtakesapicklechip replied to your text post

"healing, cleansing and rituals of protection" also Solomon’s temple was made of ancient ceder 

Ah, suggesting Cas is a bringing of healing, cleansing and protection this season maybe? :) That fits nicely with him being much needed support for the Winchesters as they heal and change (you could say ‘cleanse’) their relationship, and themselves.

Cas has already healed (literally) Sam this season, and equally cleansed him of Gadreel’s lingering grace (as well as helping ‘cleanse’ Sam of Gadreel himself I suppose), plus you could argue Cas protected Sam from himself when Sam almost killed himself trying to use Gadreel’s grace to track Gad down.

Yes. Good. I like that as a symbol of Cas this season :)

The Solomon thing… idk. Solomon was wise and pulled that trick of threatening to cut the baby in half. That’s all I remember… EXCEPT: Song of Solomon involves that verse about a lover setting their love as a seal upon mine arm, right? As well as suggesting Cas is wise this season, perhaps there’s some deancas shippy implications in connecting him to cedar? hee :)

Biblical cedars


For littlehollyleaf, who asked about the significance of cedars.

Boy, this got long. Short version: Purity. Strength. Blessing from God. Life. Royalty/luxury, but often associated with ambiguous feelings about leadership.

If we’re using the KJV, there are 71 mentions of cedar, all Old Testament. (Funnily, in the Swedish version I use, there are only 9, and that’s considered an accurate translation.)

I want to get this posted, so I’ll save the prophets for later. These are just from the law, the history and the poetry.

Read More

WOW, I never expected anything this in-depth, this is amazing, thank you! :)

Well, this can relate nicely to Cas and his situation then!

often associated with ambiguous feelings about leadership - I mean, it’s not like ambiguous feelings about leadership was the crux of Cas’ plot throughout the episode or anything… oh wait :p

I know your summary has Cedar representative of ‘blessing from god’… but I’m rather curious that in one of the biblical references god refuses a house of Cedar (at least for the housing of the Ark of the Covenant) - is Cas staying in the Cedar Lodge therefore suggestive of how Cas has turned his back on god, perhaps, and is living his life in ways counter to god’s preferences or original laws? And I’m thinking of ‘god’ as both absent-father-god AND fake-Metatron-god here - since Cas has been living without consideration towards his father for some time now, and choose to live counter to the ‘happy ever after’ life Metatron offered him, all of which could perhaps been considered as Cas choosing to live in a cedar house, the house god opposed… oooooOOH, this could make it significant that Cas uses the CEDAR lodge, symbolic for the purposes of this reading as opposition to god, as the place he calls the angels to at the end, suggesting he plans to oppose Metatron-god??

Heh, that’s probably taking things too deep :p Fun though! 

I do suspect the Cedar Lodge may have been a deliberate choice of motel for Cas because of the various biblical associations however :)

Is it me or did they try to distract us with Dean's hot nakedness to stop us from wondering where is anti-possession tattoo was? Because I certainly didn't see it. And I'm sure it's supposed to be on that side. And Robbie DID say on twitter that the shower scene was for story. Any thoughts?

Oh no the tatt was definitely THERE. Sadly the final cut that made the episode doesn’t really show it - but you can see it clearly in this shot of the shower scene in the promo :)

I think the ‘plot/story reason’ Robbie was referring to regarding the shower scene (assuming he wasn’t just joking and acknowledging it was largely a fanservice scene :p) was to allow for this lovely symmetry of ‘looking in the mirror’ shots that symbolise various awesome stuff about Dean’s current emotional/psychological state as lost-shoe explains. But that’s just my thinking for now anyway :)